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Multiple Menu Bars

Multiple monitors increase productivity by a trillion-fold1. But having a second monitor means you need your tools everywhere. Multimon brings these tools to each monitor by replicating a second, third or even fourth menubar across all of your screens. Handy, right?

1. Your results may vary.

Window Management

Multimon's built-in window management features ensure your windows don't get lost between monitors. Move windows between monitors with a simple hotkey and resize them at will.

If you use multiple monitors with your Mac, Multimon is a great way to manage them.



  • Multiple Menu Bars
    Multimon replicates menu bars across all of your screens. Whether you have two, three or more monitors in your setup, multimon supports it.

  • Window Management
    Multimon has built in window management features to help you manage your workspace. Move windows and resize with ease.

  • Monitor Management
    Multimon's menu bars are completely customizable between your monitors. It'll even remember your settings between monitors!

  • Spaces Compatible
    Multimon supports Spaces in Snow Leopard and multiple desktops in Lion and Mountain Lion.

  • Mountain Lion Ready
    Multimon supports OS X from Mountain Lion down to Snow Leopard. It's also retina ready!

  • Multiple Screen Layouts
    Multimon supports many different layouts. Whether you put things to the left, right, top or bottom- we support it.